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released November 12, 2015




all rights reserved


NOSEBLEED Richmond, Virginia

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i hate how much of me
i’ve let you infect, infest
damage and mess with
how much i’ve let you
smother me, dehumanize
and brutalize me

no pleasure in this game
only guilt and shame
cold-blooded violence
under a different name
weighed down under your gaze
full of nothing but rage
my flesh might free you
but it’s my fucking cage

swallow your every lie
let you waste my time
you fill the holes inside you
by fucking all of mine
cope the only way i know
and throw myself away
blind myself from what this is:
a fucking power play

no fucking gain for all of my pain


born to be silent
raised to be weak
nothing ahead of me
my future's fucking bleak
won’t make it out
trapped in my own hell
stuck inside my head
and i can’t fix myself

made to hate
all that i am
you kick me when i’m down
just because you can
push me out
cause all you see in me’s a threat
you made a monster
now a monster’s what you’ll get

back me up against the wall
hope you regret
make you learn once and for all
you’ll never forget

no way to win
i’m made to lose
hated for something
that i didn’t get to choose
wish i was dead
words like a noose
fuck with my head
until i’m numb from your abuse

can’t stand to see you
wish you would leave
no way for you and i
to both exist in peace
try to scare me
but i’m out for blood
this isn’t over
till my damage’s fucking done
Track Name: CLIMB
shut you out
don't want your bullshit
things you put me through
sick of all of it
say you're sorry
like it means something
no more excuses
they all mean nothing

no point in saving face
i never wanna see yours again
diplomacy is dead
and so are you to me

talk about me
like you have a clue
who needs enemies
with fucking friends like you?
nothing left to say
i'm colder every day
just want to get you all
the fuck out of my way

keep climbing that ladder
and step all over me
one day i'll watch you fall
and i won't have any sympathy
Track Name: FACE VALUE
i can't take another day
why fucking try
when nothing's ever gonna change?
pick myself up
just to fall back down
why the fuck
would i ever want to stick around?
all i feel is trapped
inside my own self-doubt
this life is fucking hell
i'll never make it out
too sick to want to stay
too scared to run away
all i wanna do
is waste the fuck away

don't feel alive
wish i would die
wake up another day
just to waste my time

cut myself open
just to feel something
risk it all
'cause i've got nothing